Open doors and press buttons without getting germs on your hands!!
3 inches x 1.5 inches acrylic no touch door openers/ button pressers keychains
they fit right on your keychain, bag or anything else you can think of.
Available in 47 different acrylic colours/ finishes each one cleans perfectly with a disinfectant wipe.


shiny neon-thickness 3mm *for lighter use*

shiny transparent -thickness 3mm *for lighter use*

shiny translucent -thickness 3mm *for lighter use*

thick- ONLY AVAILABLE IN CLEAR -thickness 6 mm *for heavier use*

You will receive gold, silver, copper,bronze or matte black key rings at random unless specified.


The 3 mm have all been reinforced with heavy plastic on both sides to make them as strong as the 6 mm!


Proudly created by Beyond A Beaten Path. Where your creative adventure begins.

All our wood products are made on high quality birch.

Our hand painted products may vary slightly in person then in the photograph.

Because of the nature of custom items, unless they arrive damaged or defective they cannot be returned.


PPE Touch free door opener

  •  1.6 Inches; Width: 1.6 Inches


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