Punny wooden garden markers in 45 styles!
  • Punny wooden garden markers in 45 styles!

    High quality Baltic Birch hand painted garden markers all have outdoor waterproof lacquer!

    5 1/2 tall x 21/2 inches wide

    45 designs to choose from.


    1-Kill Dill Vol. 1

    2-Tillin’ like a villain.

    3-Fungi Amongus

    4-Lettuce be friends forever!

    5-You look radashing.

    6-Find your inner peas.

    7-Grow darn it!

    8-You did a grape job

    9-Sage Advice

    10-You are one in a melon!

    11-Lettuce pray.

    12-Collateral Cabbage

    13-Look at the thyme

    14-Do you carrot at all?

    15-Mint condition

    16-Got weeds?

    17-Don’t squash my dreams

    18-I love you berry much.

    19-I don’t carrot at all

    20-Bean there, done that.

    21-Thank you for blossoming

    22-Good Thymes!

    23-Stop and smell the rosemary.

    24-Cilan’tro me a bone man.

    25-Let’s cele-ry-brate!

    26-Now entering the seedy part of town

    27-Weedis Victorious

    28-Free weeds!

    29-Last but not leeks.

    30-Say it ain’t cilantro!

    31-Garden of weedin.

    32-Romaine silent.

    33-Mojitos in training

    34-You make me happea.

    35-I’m kind of a big dill

    36-I’m rooting for you

    37-Kale me maybe?

    38-I wet my plants

    39-Don’t smoke the herbs.

    40-Cool as a cucumber.

    41-What a bad beet.

    42-Bug Off.

    43-Don’t kale my vibe!

    44-Snail salad

    45-You say tomato, I also say tomato.

    All our wood products are made on high quality birch.

    Our hand painted products may vary slightly in person then in the photograph.


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